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It Doesn't Not Work | 5th Edition


The process of surfcraft design is not one limited to the big machines of the surf industry, or solely belonging to the heralded masters of the craft, it is a living folk art on an equally democratic level. It is a continually evolving conversation between local craftsman and the sea... and the creations that relationship spawns.

It Doesn't Not Work is a surf craft exposition that explores the process of the art & craft of surf-riding design, the event aims to discuss these experimental shapes, work-in-progress projects and tried-and-true formulas. It is a time of conversation and camaraderie, good times and good razzing. Largely local to the Northeastern East Coast Coastal Neighborhood, IDNW is truly open to all geographic comers provided they can pay their own way.

The 2018 installment of the gathering will take place September 14th-16th at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club in Rockaway Beach. After four years at Picture Farm Gallery, we are excited to move the proceedings closer to the inspiration! Submissions are OPEN.