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Join the 2014 Horseshoe Crab Moon Corps

“Horseshoe crabs are aliens from another planet, if we allow that the other planet was Earth about five hundred million years ago “- Ian Frazier

Celebrate the new moon. Commune with aliens.

Learn about this ancient creature and become certified to join researchers from Cornell Cooperative Extension and NYC Audubon to collect scientific data used to safeguard the ancient horseshoe crabs and local wildlife at Dead Horse Bay, Plumb Beach, and Big Egg Marsh.

After attending this event you will be able to:

See and touch the ancient horseshoe crabs as they crawl ashore at high moon tides of May and June; Pace the edge of the waterline as the full moon rises over the ocean; Collect Scientific Data that is directly used to set state and regional horseshoe crab harvesting limits to ensure its continued survival

More about the horseshoe crabs:

Called “living fossils,” horseshoe crabs have barely changed in 450 million years, since before the bedrock of Manhattan was formed. These beautiful, odd creatures often return to the same location to spawn each new and full moon of May and June when the tides are the highest. The eggs of the crabs provide an exclusive source of food for endangered birds like the Red Knot, as it flies from Tierra de Fuego to the North Pole to breed.


1.  Become a Certified:  Attend one  1 and a half hour training session hosted by a New York City Audubon Biologist

Where (you only need to  attend one to be certified):  

Please rsvp or address any questions to: